50 awesome things about being Paleo

I find that the more I immerse myself in the Paleo-sphere, the more awesomer (yes that is now a word) it becomes. Here are 50 things that are just to too awesome not to acknowledge.

1. Meat Salad. Pepperoni carrots, meatball radishes, shredded cow lettuce. Ham croutons. Awesome!

2. Brent Pottenger and Aaron Blaisdell for uniting the Paleo clans with their inaugural Summit series, the Ancestral Health Symposium. Awesome!

3. Wearing a t-shirt that ensures you will win every argument with every vegetarian you meet. Awesome!

4. When your doctor is at a loss for words to explain your clean bill of health. Awesome!

5. When your partner can no longer ignore your amazing results and finally agrees to give this Paleo thing a shot. Awesome!

6. Running into someone you haven’t seen in a long time and they can’t believe how great you look. Awesome!

7. Fitting into those old jeans you grew out of a decade ago. Awesome!

8. Seeing Paleo kids. [Part of the Fragoso clan.] Awesome!

9. When you prepare the ugliest looking food on the planet (the sweet potato) and turn it into the tastiest snack ever (baked with coconut oil and cinnamon). Awesome!

10. Having way more alcohol than you should have had and still avoiding the late night booty foodie call. Paleo brain Awesome!

11. Spending less on healthcare. Cha-ching awesome!

12. Meeting your Paleo idol and hugging it out! Giving up some luv awesome! [Who would you hug it out with?]

13. When Paleo giants (Taubes vs Guyenet) collide. Awesome!

14. Meeting a stranger at the airport, the grocery store or at a party and discovering they are Paleo. Awesome!

15. Mark Sisson’s abs. The dude is almost 60. FRIGGIN AWESOME!

[Takeaway: read the LA Times and you too will have abs like that!]

16. When you discover there are Paleo books for kids. Awesome!

17. Finding a crossfit box in your area. Awesome!

18. When someone thinks you look much younger than you actually are. Sweet awesomesauce!

19. Discovering that eating animals doesn’t mean you love them any less. In fact, you may love them even more. Awesome!

20. When you see must-have t-shirts. Awesome!

(see more of this one here)                    (see more of this one here)

21. Eating calories, NOT counting calories. Awesome!

22. Eating really delicious Paleo meals like Beef Bulgogi, that you have no frakkin’ clue how to pronounce. Awesome!

23. Earning your first dollar in the Paleo space. Awesome!

24. Loading up the 8-track iPod with great podcasts. Awesome!

25. Accepting something like chocolates or desserts so as not to be rude to the giver and then secretly disposing of them when no one is looking. Awesome!

26. When Whole Foods has a meat sale. BUY! BUY! BUY! Awesome!

27. When you hear famous people go Paleo! Awesome!

28. Actually getting 10 hours sleep. Friggin Awesome!

29. Turning off that last electronic device so that your room is now pitch black. Scary Awesome!

30. Seeing lean strong women you know could crush a man with their bare hands (or make them cry at the very least). Fear for my life Awesome! (the awesome Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites and the awesome Melissa Hartwig of Whole 9 Life.

31. When you discover a new friend: FAT (the good fat though). Get in my belly awesome!

32. Discovering Paleo blogs that kick ass and take names. PaleOMG and Free The Animal. F#$%ing Awesome!

33. Realizing that you can pronounce it Pay-lee-oh, Pal-ee-oh or Pal-ay-oh and people still know what the hell you are talking about. Ahhsum!

34. Discovering that the Silicon Valley of Paleo is AUSTIN, TEXAS. No wonder Paleo FX is going to rock.  Awe$ome!

35. Realizing that 1.) It’s Robb Wolf with 2 “b”s and no “e” 2.) It’s Liz Wolfe with an “e“  3.)  That they are married, just not to each other. Actually being able to remember that on a regular basis. Awesome!

36. When you discover your lifestyle has it’s own magazine: Paleo Magazine. Awesome!

37. When you make a new Paleo creation all by your lonesome and it actually doesn’t suck. Awesome!

38. When you discover there are a variety of cookbooks that cater to exactly the way you eat. Awesome!

39. When you get to the point where you don’t give a rat’s ass if someone agrees with your lifestyle choices or not. Awesome!

40. When Dr. Oz says something stupid and uniformed about the Paleo diet. It brings us all closer and more united than ever. OZsome!

41. When a friend tells you that they have converted to Paleoism. High-five awesome!

42. Running into a former high school hottie (male or female) and realizing you look 10 times better than they do now. I’m too sexy Awesome!

43. When you transition to saying “No thank you!” as a statement and not like you are asking a question! Damn right awesome!

44. Discovering that bacon has more uses than duct tape.  Awesome!

45. When you can’t remember the last time you were sick. Awesome!

46. Listening to super Paleo Geeks like Robb Wolf, Chris Kresser and Mat Lalonde and realizing you have no idea what they are saying. Awesome? (or is that just me?)

47. Discovering and then banning a food that makes you fat and/or sick. Awesome!

48. Discovering amazing Paleo Success Stories. Laurie Anne Gomes, Kristy Griner, Kevin Cottrell, George Bryant. Awesome X 4.

49. When you discover new Paleo Careers: the Baconologist. Sizzling awesome!

50. Finding a rocking Paleo community online. Awesome!

Now go, make some awesome shift happen,


ps…Tell us what your most awesome Paleo moment was from the list above? What would you add to the list for the Paleo Awesomeness sequel? Be sure to like the ones you ah…like. :-)