The transformative power of stop | start lists

So here is something I have recently adopted that has begun to pay huge dividends. I created something I am calling a STOP | START list. Here is a bit of context for you. It occurred to me that even though I feel like I am an incredibly positive person, there has been this script […]

Practice Forgiveness: Lessons learned from a failed product launch

OK let me take care of business first and then jump right into how I messed up my product launch and share the lessons I learned and how they apply to you and your journey. There are about 30 hours left before the 50% off sale expires permanently. I will not be offering this option […]

How I designed a workout routine that gets results

This is an extension of an idea discussed in The Willpower Solution. The course officially launches on Tuesday, March 11th at 12pm. As part of the launch sale, the course will be discounted at 50% off for the first 72 hours. ***** So this is the third and final lesson in my series on the […]

Case Study: The #1 reason people struggle

This is an extension of an idea discussed in The Willpower Solution —> Big Idea #13: Eliminate the prescription mindset. To see more visit I ended my last post with a rather bold statement. The reason most of us struggle with our weight in particular (but this applies to any struggle we have) is […]

A weight loss lesson from Einstein

So this is the first in a 3-part series I will be offering this week that will serve two purposes. The first is to to teach you something invaluable to help you learn and utilize the secrets of the fat burning mind. People who lose weight and keep it off aren’t smarter than everyone else. […]

3 villains that derail our weight loss success

I mentioned in my previous post that I have just passed my 3-anniversary eating a paleo diet. And while the diet itself has helped me generate results I never thought possible, it has not been the cure-all I thought it was going to be either. What I mean is, I assumed, as most people who […]

My truth about the Paleo Diet & a time sensitive offer that expires at midnight tonight

So it completely slipped past me, but January of 2014 marked my 3-year anniversary eating a paleo diet. To be honest, I can not believe how fast the time has gone by. It seems like only yesterday that I had published my success story on Mark’s Daily Apple. I started reflecting on my journey and […]

Being Primal and The Power of Habits

I made a decision. I’m going to relaunch Being Primal. It is going to be geared towards teaching people how to build habits and mindset strategies so they can burn fat to get and stay lean. But before I dig into that, let me tell you what Being Primal (BP) the website has taught me […]

What to believe. How to decide.

Note: Paleo Con started its presentations today. Registration is free and you can actually watch all the presentations for free if you are able to find the time to do so. If you discover it especially helpful and you decide to purchase the entire collection to add to your Health and Fitness library, it is […]

How Paleo dramatically changed my life forever

Up until I was 45, my weight and my health were all over the flippin’ map. I would lose weight, start to look great and then somehow find ways to sabotage my success. Now you would think I would have caught on after the first times, but NOPE. I would do this again and again […]