Today’s featured post

The transformative power of stop | start lists

So here is something I have recently adopted that has begun to pay huge dividends. I created something I am calling a STOP | START list. Here is a bit of context for you. It occurred to me that even though I feel like I am an incredibly positive person, there has been this script that has been running in the background of my mind for some time now when it comes to money. In a nutshell, I have discovered that I have a poverty mindset. What I mean by that is I have unknowingly adopted a … [Read More...]

Feature post #2

Practice Forgiveness: Lessons learned from a failed product launch

OK let me take care of business first and then jump right into how I messed up my product launch and share the lessons I learned and how they apply to you and your journey. There are about 30 hours left before the 50% off sale expires permanently. I will not be offering this option for this package ever again. Here is a breakdown of what that soon-to-be-extinct offer looks like. [shadowbox] Book Bundle: Regularly $29. NOW $14. Book and Audio Bundle: Regularly $49. NOW $24. Book, … [Read More...]