How Paleo dramatically changed my life forever

Up until I was 45, my weight and my health were all over the flippin’ map. I would lose weight, start to look great and then somehow find ways to sabotage my success.

Now you would think I would have caught on after the first times, but NOPE. I would do this again and again for about 25 years.

I was about as smart as a bag of rocks back then. I was simply doing stuff and hoping a miracle would happen. But looking back, I can see that I made 3 really big mistakes.

One. Extreme is not sustainable.

I used to do a lot of extreme solutions that just weren’t sustainable long-term. That’s the problem with extreme that no one tells you about. It can get results short-term, but it is next to impossible to sustain those results long-term.

Two. Consistency is key.

Maybe you can relate to my tale of woe. I would uncover some great tip or strategy, do it for about 2 to 4 weeks until the novelty wore off and then drop it like a poorly rated TV show in search of the next BIG idea.

But when you study those who are successful with long-term change, you discover that they bundle habits together and do them consistently first for months, then years and then decades. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Three. Switching to a paleo diet.

It never ever occurred to me that eating healthy could make me fat, but it did. For 19 years I ate a vegetarian diet consisting of grains, organic fruits and veggies,and variously manufactured foods geared towards the vegetarian.

And you know what. I was always 20 to 40lbs over weight. Always!! I still remember the look on one guy’s face when I told him I was vegetarian. He looked so confused. Unable to contain himself any longer, he finally blurted out, “Aren’t vegetarians supposed to be lean?”

It was tough explaining that I was the new breed of fat vegetarian. Sign!

And then I found Paleo. The thought that grains could make some people fat blew me away, but the logic made enough sense for me to give it a try. And try I did.

For the next 3-months I logged my foods, worked out 3 to 5 days/week and allowed myself 3 treat meals/week.

And the results were incredible. So I continued and within six months I was able to transform my look completely, all after the age of 46.

And Paleo has truly saved my life in so many ways. It has helped me not only lose that disgusting weight I carried for so many years, but it has helped me become a published author and build a business around providing my own life-altering solutions to people.

So I want to share a link to a new online conference that is coming up that might allow paleo to do for you, what it has done for me.

It’s called Paleo Con. It starts January 27th and runs for a week. They have 25 world class experts that they have landed as well. Honestly, I kind of roll my eyes at most online conferences, but this was one that I wished I was a part of. That’s how I know something is great. I want to present at it myself.

When you click —> here <— to sign up, you also get a free 26 page quick start book for anyone who is new to Paleo.

Here are a few presenters that I’m really interested in listening to.

One. George Bryant from Civilized Caveman.

I recently interviewed George for my MSH podcast and in that show we talked about the eating disorder he had. Honestly, I think we all suffer from some type of disorder. It just so happens that for most of us, it is not chronic, but it is still a disorder that none-the-less causes us shame and blocks us from getting to where we want to go.

There is a ton to be learned from those who have learned to conquer an extreme situation.

Two. Katie from the wellness momma.

The woman has 5 kids under the age of 7. YIKES!!! And yet she manages to raise them and not go lose her mind and still run a really successful blog and business.

This again is another example of learning from people who are able to successfully navigate extreme situations.

Three. Robb Wolf.

Typically, the BIG speakers are the ones I try to avoid because their talks are always the same. But Robb is going to be talking about how to customize Paleo to the individual (YOU!).

This is something I have long felt people dropped the ball on in the Paleo space. Our DNA is unmatched by anyone else on the planet, therefore it is impossible to provide one-size-fits-all solutions and expect they are going to work for everyone. They don’t. Robb is going to dig into how to customize the paleo template for your unique set of circumstances.

Click —> here <— to sign up and be part of something that will be truly spectacular.

If you use my link to sign up, I will be offering a special bonus. The 5 simple apps/strategies/secrets that I used to lose and maintain my 35 lb weight loss.

OK that it’s. Enjoy the conference.  Can’t wait to share my 5 secrets with those of you who sign up.

To being primal and making 2014 the best ever,