The Paleo (cave)Manifesto-5 things nobody told you that are crucial to your success

I just passed the 6-month mark of my blog.  As of this writing, I have 1875 subscribers. In the blog world that subscription number is UNHEARD of for a new blog. By year’s end I suspect I will be close to 5000 subscribers (July 1st, 2012) which absolutely blows me away.

I realize that sounds like I am bragging (perhaps I am just a little bit…damn you ego!), but that is not why I bring up that nifty little stat.

You see I have been able to accomplish this by BREAKING ALMOST EVERY MAJOR BLOGGING RULE OUT THERE.

That’s right, I don’t follow any of the traditional blogging rules that any sane blogger is supposed to follow.

1. You must do SEO to get your blog to rank in Google

I do zero Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for this blog and my posts.  For those who don’t know (or care) what that is, it simply means “smart” bloggers focus on key words that their niche is searching for on Google and then include those words in healthy doses throughout all their pages and blog posts.

But I have opted NOT to do that.


Because I am not writing for Google. I am writing for REAL PEOPLE who are looking for REAL SOLUTIONS to REAL PROBLEMS they suffer from.

2. You need to post content often.

Some say for best results you should post daily.  Others say at least 4 or 5 times per week. For the last 10 weeks I have been posting once a week and now average between 50 and 120 new subscribers/week depending on the post.

Theoretically, this SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING! I should be floundering and yet I am flourishing.

But here is why I decided to post once a week.  It is my experience that people are OVERWHELMED with the vast amounts of information in the Paleo world, especially those people just starting out.  Ask a question and 10 people will tell you 10 different things.

My goal on this blog is simple: to UNDERWHELM you.  I want to give you just one HIGH LEVERAGE idea to STUDY (not just read) each week that you can actually implement into your life NOW to create extraordinary transformation.

3. Keep posts short to accommodate people’s short attention span online: somewhere between 500 to 800 words.

Well here is the word count for my last 5 posts.

As you can see I have blown that theory right out of the water. And here is why.

I’m not writing blog posts. I am writing LESSONS! I’m NOT looking to entertain you. I am looking to give you the tools to HELP YOU CREATE INCREDIBLE TRANSFORMATION! And my subscription results verify that people WANT this.

Seriously why are you telling us this…

I tell you this for two reasons.

First, there will be people in the PALEOSPHERE who will tell you how you MUST do this Paleo thing.  I’m here to tell you that there are NO ABSOLUTES with this stuff, only guidelines which are meant to be bent, stretched, twisted and in some cases broken.

Second, like this blog, your GREATEST SUCCESSES will come from the rules that you decide to create for yourself for reasons that only need to make sense for you. (Translation: You don’t give a rats ass if others don’t understand or agree with what you are doing.)

So that said, I’m going to share 5 (from my list of 31 that I have) rules I wish I knew when I started this whole Paleo journey.

Your job is to take these rules and adapt them for you. Don’t take these as gospel, but rather consider these as a possible framework for the personal philosophy you will be building out for yourself as you progress on this journey.

You ready?

The Paleo Manifesto…

These are in not listed in any particular order.

1. It’s not failure that prevents success; it’s failure to recover

I believe the BIGGEST hurdle almost everyone struggles with when they get into this Paleo thing is that they don’t know how to deal with failure.

Let me burst your bubble now.  If you are pushing boundaries and attempting to live your life boldly, you will be failing and failing often.  The problem is We (you and I) have spent our entire lives avoiding it at all costs.

But to succeed at Paleo, you need to realize that, try as you may, you will fall flat on your face some days.

The biggest difference between the Dean of today and the Dean of 1985 to 2010 is that I have taught myself (yes it is a learned skill) to STOP beating myself up over my failures.  It took me 45 years to realize BEATING MYSELF UP in no why allows me to go back and change the past.

But I can change my future. I work my butt off now to remind myself, “What’s done is done.”

So when failure happens, I now immediately go into recovery mode.

What does that look like?

Well when I eat something I shouldn’t, (happens a few times each week) I immediately make sure that my next meal is clean.  And then make sure the next one after that is clean. Etc!

Your takeaway..

It’s not the avoidance of failure that is the key to your success, but rather your ability to immediately recover from failure that will determine how far you go with this.

2. Make the switch

I am currently reading Sean Croxton’s book, The Dark Side to Fat Loss which I am REALLY ENJOYING and highly recommend.  To learn more about Sean and his book, click —> HERE or click the image below.

One of the things he points out is that people’s fundamental approach to their body issues is flawed.  They falsely think…

But when you study people who have been able to successfully transform their look and sustain it, they have taken this approach…

It’s a subtle distinction, and YET the implications are enormous because people transition from ineffective short term strategies to move the numbers on a scale (ie. like calorie reduction) to high leverage long term activities (ie. eliminating processed foods) because they know they promote EXCELLENT health.

Your takeaway…

Weight loss WILL happen when you begin to…

3. Change your narrative…

There are 3 mistakes we consistently make when we are telling others about our struggles….

  • we tell it often to anyone who will listen
  • we tell it in the present tense
  • we tell it with damning character flaws inserted

Here is why this is a problem.

Every time you retell your tale of woe, you reinforce and attract the very thing you don’t want.

If you want to change how you look then you need to…

So what does that look (sound) like? Well for instance…

  • “I don’t like to exercise” BECOMES  “I am currently working at discovering the movements that work for me and my body type.”
  • “I have no will power” BECOMES “I am teaching myself to be more disciplined.” (yes will is a skill)
  • “I can’t do a pull up to save my life” BECOMES “I am presently working towards 5 unassisted pull ups.”

These SMALL distinctions may not seem like much, but they are MONUMENTAL to your success.

Your takeaway…

STOP telling the story of who you are. Instead…

4. Don’t DO Paleo. PLAY Paleo!

If you play chess (or have played and have a basic understanding of the game) then you know that it is a game of ebb and flow.  You are not ALWAYS on the attack.

There are times when opportunity arises and you can go on the OFFENSIVE. But there are times where your opponent has you on the run and you must become DEFENSIVE.

Being Paleo is no different.  People make the mistake of thinking it is ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK.


There are times when life provides the opportunity for you to go on the offensive. And when it does you jump at it.

But there are times when life is laying a pretty good beat down on you.  And when that happens (death in the family, relationship break up, big stressful project at work) you go on the defensive.

You are retreating. You are taking a step back to protect what you have. You are gathering your resources. You are regrouping. You are coming up with new strategies and then BHAM! when the time is right you are ready to go on the offensive again.

Your takeaway…

Being successful with Paleo is knowing that there is a time to be offensive BUT more importantly you…

5. There are no absolutes…

This is probably the most important lesson.  People get hung up talking about studies and rules and stuff, but at the end of the day are no absolutes with Paleo just as I pointed out that there are no absolutes with blogging. If there was then this blog would be a total failure.

What works for one has no guarantee of working for someone else. Why. Well because…

And because of this, every study you discover, every blog post you read, every piece of advice you get (including mine) is simply an idea that needs to be tested on YOU.

Until you test it on you and have it interact with your DNA, it means nothing.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

So you test and tweak, and test and tweak some more to find out what works for you and what doesn’t.

Your takeaway…

Everything you come across means nothing.

To making shift happen,


ps…Let me know if you are interested in the expanded version of the Paleo Manifesto.